In this globalized world, we are all continuously bombarded by messages vying for our attention.

If you want your message to prevail, you must compete with often spectacular and exotic visuals from all over the world. And they must appeal to a diverse audience. This may be true for news reports, but also for corporate communications through social media.

One way of successfully competing, would be to go to far away places to record your visual content yourself. That can be daunting.

I make that easy for you. I take care of all the paperwork and research beforehand, visas and film permits, book travel and accomodation. And most importantly, I know my way around, know how to smoothtalk
all authorities whose approval or consent might be needed.

I am perfectly trilingual (Dutch, English and French), and that gives me quite some mileage when abroad.

Also, I fly a drone for aerial photography. Am a fully licensed drone-pilot.

And if your message is more technical, fear not, I ‘ve got a degree in Engineering and understand stuff that some may not.